Kayaking Rolling Clinic

Kayak Rolling Clinic merupakan kelas lanjutan bagi peserta yang sudah memiliki sertifikat Kayak Dasar.

Pada kelas ini peserta akan dilatih kemampuan seperti …


Class Information

2 to 6 hours

6 – highly recommended that students have Basic Kayak skills certification

1 instructor

Flat water, Calm to rippled, wind < 8 knots

  • Warm-up exercises
  • Wet exit
  • Safe body mechanics
  • Rolling progressions
  • sweep or forward-finishing roll, C to C, or the back deck roll,
  • Learning aids
  • Kayak fit and equipment
    • the proper adjustment of the foot pegs, back-band and/or thigh braces for a proper fit for rolling
    • State the appropriate paddle length for rolling based on body dimensions
  • Heritage  

Rp 0.000.000

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